NEW! Exploring The Book of Mormon In Americas Heartland Photographic Book

NEW!  Exploring The Book of Mormon In Americas Heartland Photographic Book
NEW! Exploring the Book of Mormon In America's Heartland, A Visual Journey of Discovery by Rod L. Meldrum is a gorgeous, large format 200+ page heirloom quality photographic journey into the exciting new "Heartland Model" geography. Click on the Picture above to learn more. Picture Book Cover Click to Order

Saturday, December 11, 2010

He Walked The America's by Taylor Hansen

This is a book that took years to compile and discover its stories now shared with the world of the stories of the Ancients who's legends live still amongst the many First Nation / American Natives / Pacific Islanders as well. One of the legends shared by all of these is of the Great Healer, Teacher who came and taught them It is a very interesting book to explore.

These are the legends of The Healer. This is the drama of Mahnt-Azoma, or Tl-Acoma,The Mighty, sometimes called Kate-Zahl, The Prophet The Lord-Of-Wind-And-Water, Tah-co-mah, Pacha-ca-mac, Wakea, Chee-Zoos, the Dawn God,God of the Dawn Light, Paruxti,Son of Tirawa.
We pass through many climates changed by the passage of two millenia; through mines long buried under a forest cover; through valleys once fertile and rich in commerce which have lng returned to barren desert; down highways now covered by the strangling jungles or lost in the silt of other ages; through cities whose legendary beauty is still whispered by the story tellers of a hundred nations and more.
One of the most curious stories is that of a saintly white teacher whose hands performed many miracles of healing and whose strange eyes of grey-green-blue as the ocean who taught of peace, love, and the words he was to teach them that his Father in Heaven sent him to do.
From the South American lands, Central America & today's Mexico, North America and through the legends of the pacific Islanders we find our travels as Taylor discovered these stories; even though they cross many nations, tongues, and times there is one single thread that remains the same the description all give of the Healer the White Prophet who came and visited long ago.

This collection of stories gathered by Taylor Hansen are priceless and owning this book is a step in understanding the Ancient and modern legends and myths about this Ancient Healer.

"He Walked The America's by Taylor Hansen"
Published by Ray Palmer, Legend Press, 9533 Clinton Road Amherst, WI 54406

A link to buy this book is located at the bottom of this blog if you would like to read 256 pgs of Hansen's 30+ years of research of these legends.

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