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Memorial in Honor of Jim Lawton passed July 17,2011

Jim Lawton

This is a Memorial page for the Family, Friends, anyone who was touched by the life of Jim (James) Lawton, 77 years young.

I last saw Jim on Saturday evening he left around 10:30pm or so after our usual evening conversations about the going on's in life, we talked of the past, the future things we wanted to do and a various spectrum of topics, however this night would be our last conversation together in this life.
Some time between 11pm and 8:30am Sunday morning Jim was taken from this life by a force of darkness who choose to end his life. And left him on a mountain road out side of Joseph, Utah, The investigation as to who and why is ongoing. But the fact is a wonderful human being had his life shortened. We shall at this time not post these events, they can be found elsewhere in the news or family members.

Just an update: May 4 2014
Has been a while, Billy Lawton age 31 I think at the time, did convince Jim to go on a evening drive after he left my home. By 12midnight Jim was attacked (reason unknown) by Billy who then brutially beat him with hands / tools and left him to die upon the mountian. He concocted a story they were jumped by thugs in the lonely utah mountain, all evidence has shown he did do the deed. There will most likely not be a trial, as he is / has been in county jail then moved to the Utah State Hospital for evaluation. If it went to trial it would be a capital punishment if found guilty, so lawyer/family prefer him in the Mental Hospital.
From my own investigation and talking to those who knew Billy, old aquaintences etc, Billy was / has no real mental handycapt but used it as an excuse to further his needs, he was a little slow in early school but when he was involved in other ventures such as drugs and that life, he could be very alert, and very dangerous showing no signs of any mental disorder.
So be it as it is, the Sheriff's Dept says they have over whelming evidence Billy did it.
As family prefers no death penalty, they would like him to remaind in state hospital / prison for life.

I think Jim would have prefered Billy avoid the death penalty in order for him to truthfully find Jesus Christ and find his way by repentance to have a possible future in Eternity.

Rumores are he wanted his mother Judy on the mountain as well, in that case both would have been murdered. That would have been sad.
Judy has moved to the southern part of the state, and began a new life, her land was divided and sold, we have new neighbors now.

I spent a few months in contact, visiting Billy to try and understand and give him the opportunity to admit finally what he did, to no avail, got close before they placed him in normal population.
He started playing games, so I ended my visits, since he has been in the State Hospital he writes now small letters, and I have finally answered with one full of questions, waiting for him to reply. None of his replys have addressed my questions.

My children really do miss Jim, he was a grandfather figure for them, and my best and rare friend in this world. Its hard still for my children to visit the neighbors home as they have too many memories of Jim in the building now remodled into a large home. In time I hope this will pass as we have good new neighbors.

One never knows what will happen, when we shall leave this life. Jim knew if Billy got him alone he could be beaten or killed, we spoke of it for a few months, Jim asked the courts to assist in dealing with Billy, however they were mostly ignored. We knew this could happen, but what do you do legally to prevent it? Not possible, Billy spent 2 weeks warming up to Jim, becoming the son Jim wanted him to be, setting him up for a lonely drive up the mountian, was a set up.
This is what happened.

We remember Jim and Judy for who they are, not what happened. Celebrate the life.

Jim is to be remembered for who he was, what he did, his entertainment, his joy, laughter, his "Jimizsm" my wife and children call them, his words of advice. So much to remember of him, let us keep them and share them for all to learn as we remember his life.

This is a work in progress, and I would invite anyone who knew him, or met him to share their thoughts, stories, or things Jim told them of his life's adventures. We will share as we can his memories.
And Photo's of this kind, friend to all human being. May we all meet him some day again.

If you would like to add a comment(s) or photo's about Jim please feel free do do so under comments and we will add them to the page. Also if you would like to email them, send them to.

The Measure of ones life is based on the lives he touches in a good way during his sojourn here on Earth. Our memories are a result of his actions, let us remember the good and fun times.

Jim will be buried at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Riverside, California, Tuesday 7/25/2011. at 2:00pm  As he wanted.

Stephen Huls

Jim served in the United States Coast Guard for 6 years, 3 of which were on the Voice of America Coast Guard cutter Courier (WAGR / WAT-410). 

here is a link to his ship

He had many stories about Greece he loved the people there. Only wish we had them recorded / written down to share.

Here below are comments and things people have to share about Jim Lawton from family and friends.


So how do you tell a friend, neighbor, grandfather (adopted) of your children of the last 9 yrs thanks & good bye? When you have been robbed of the chance. He who was a natural friend to everyone he met in life, who took the time to help those who needed it, gave advice from his own experiences in life to anyone who would listen. Who accepted your weakness's and who overlooked the bad and focused on the good.
Who embraced everyone's children as his own, a self adopted Grandfather figure for all. Who was loving, friendly, stern when needed, but always teaching.
Strong in faith and knowledge that Jesus Christ is his Savior. Who invited others to discover the path to gain this knowledge for themselves.
A veteran of the U.S.Coast Guard, who served over sea's in Greece during his active duty time, who was accepted by the Greek's as one of their own, such was his way with people. Making friends and treating all as equals.
One who had many stories of his life that could last for hours, or days, what a story teller he was. Who one day desired to record all his life's adventures on the computer using a verbal software that could type for him as he spoke, so close to this goal we were, for a book or two he wished to make to share the fun, the pain, the humor the love of his life's experiences.
A man who comes from ancestors who helped found the Republic of America, Who's other relatives of the past were of the Sac & Fox Native American tribe.
He was a strong patriot, and one who loved the Freedoms God granted the founders of America to grant unto this people. "A Republic if we can keep it" He was worried about the state of our nations course in many ways.
He was a great human being, and I believe his ancestors were there waiting for his arrival, welcoming him home.
Jim would probably find it in his heart to forgive, it was his way.
God Bless Jim (James) Lawton and accept him in his mansions above for the good he did here during his journey on Earth. Good bye Jim, and thanks for being one of the few true friends I ever had during my 45 yrs of life.
And may God bless his grieving wife an their family.

Wado, until we meet again.
 Jim Lawton died sometime on Sunday morning on a mountain near Monroe, Utah. July 17, 2011 May long we remember this kind and honorable man.
Stephen T. Huls
T'sul Kalu of the Ani-Kituhwagi
July 17, 2011 7:38 pm

There is a great emptiness inside my soul this night, as I shall mis our evening conversations with Jim, I will mis his stories to my children, and his many simple ways of doing things.

Stephen T. Huls

Jim Lawton
by William-Billy LaMar Roderick on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 3:24pm

What a great man. He always had fun stories to tell. He'd joke around. It was always nice to see him. How could someone take his life or take anyone's life?   Jim, I'd like to Thank you for the fun times we had together. Til we meet again my friend. Thankyou for all.


Lily Keddiwyn Litke
My Uncle.
This is my Uncle Jimmy. I am so sad and angry that someone took him from us.   He was the the family story teller. He knew all the good old stories about my Mom and  he 2 other brothers. He would give you the shirt off his back as he had it washed and rea...dy for you he would tell you a story of when he was young. They were intresting and gave you a piece of your family you never knew.   He is survived by my Aunt Judy and My Mom and 4 great kids And their kids from his wife's side, and 3 newphews and 1 Niece, 3 great Nephews 3 Great Nieces. JUst alot of people who loved him from my Mom. We will all miss him very much. He was our last link with the past of life with Grandma and our other Uncles.   He was a log cabin builder as well up in Big Bear. Grandma even said he built one for a famous person once. He just never had a single enemy, he made friends so easy, I do not see how many one could do my uncle any harm. Even if you disagreed with him, you liked him.   There is so much I could say on and on about this wonderful person. But it would never be enough. I hope he is with my Uncle Freddy, Uncle Gray and my Grandma Loraine in haven where they all belong.   Thank you for this page I will show it to my Mother.See More
By: Lily Keddiwyn Litke
Lily Loraine Moellenberndt
I am so sad. My Uncle was an awesome guy. Him and my Aunt Judy were a great couple. The fact that he was murdered breaks my heart even more. My Mom is having a hard time dealing with the loss of her only living brother. When we needed him h...e was there for us. The last phone call my Mother had from him he spoke about how he was afraid of Billy. If I had known this We would have had them drive up here to Montana to keep him and Judy safe. I feel so at a loss. We have not yet talked to Aunt Judy. I hope she gets a hold of us, soon. There are so many things that will be missed by this part of his family. I do really hope he is with my Uncles and Grandma in heaven. Knowing that makes me feel a little better. I love you Uncle Jimmy. I miss you so does Mom, more then you will ever know. I wish we could of said goodbye.
To all my friends and family
To all my friends and family i want let you know, i love and appreciate all of you! We never know when the last good bye, is the final goodbye. And the things you think you won't miss, you will miss!! Our neighbor for the last 3 months, when he would walk... out my door saying good night, would tell me "If the angels took me tonight, i go with a clear conscience." and i would say yeah yeah Jim, they aren't going to take you, have a good night.... Now i wish i could hear his voice one more time. I wish i could let him know how much he meant to us.See More
By: Karoline Huls

“Joie de Vivre”

Who was Jim Lawton?

He was a man of integrity and saw integrity in those he met
Inspiring its rebirth in those who might be
at risk of losing theirsin this sometimes dark world in which we live
A man who could truly be defined by the expression “Joie de Vivre.”

He met each day as though at any moment
Ed McMahon would be knocking on his door and
handing him a gigantic Check for at least a Million Dollars
(Only important to Jim as way he could improve the lives of others.)

His smile was offered to all who sought him.
 He was not only an intriguing and masterful story-teller,
Drawing on myriad life experiences and his unique view of them;
He was an adroit and genuine listener, truly interested in others.

He loved deeply and with loyalty and commitment
Especially his cherished best friend
From whom he learned the Beauty of Balance in life
A trait he sought but one that eluded him for many years before they met.

He was a ready and cheerful babysitter, builder, friend
Good at those things that take time, patience and endurance.
He especially made all of us who knew him laugh
A trait we deeply appreciated as we faced our daily struggles and challenges.

He was a friend we could count on to be there for us
in any situation – even if his own needs were greater than we knew
A man anyone could be comfortable with – any age, circumstance or income.
Bringing to mind old-fashioned words like trustworthy, dependable, honest.

He was and still is a man who will be missed by many
a man who will be remembered by all who knew him
leaving upon each of us the mark of a Brother, Friend, Partner in Dreams, and
The influence left by those who live exemplary (not famous or well-known) lives.

How will we remember Jim?

In that impulsive chuckle that rises within us as we watch
a toddler struggling to learn to walk, falling, getting up, falling, getting up,
Yet showing no malice toward the floor that seems to rise up without warning.
Refusing to give up, determined, but eternally hopeful that the goal is attainable.

We will remember Jim when we are caught temporarily breathless
Viewing an exquisite sunset that restores and rebuilds our faith in a Loving Creator
Or when we are with friends, enjoying one anothers' company
Feeling the warmth of kindred spirits and that unique human companionship.

We will remember him when we attend family weddings, births and other beginnings
Knowing how much he treasured these same events when he was still here
And we will remember him as we make important decisions in our lives
 He is ever-present in our treasure trove of memories that guide our life decisions.

Jim is not and never can be really “gone” because he will continue to exist
In bits and pieces of all our memories
Bringing a remembered moment of laughter, shared grief, shared insight
to spark each of our memories and causing us to say,
“Oh, hello, old friend. There you are. I was wondering where you had gone.”

Juliesue Westwood, July, 2011             

Adam Westwoodposted toVanessa Laughbon
As you can see I wrote this a while back however I have decided that this is the right time for all to see it. I am dedicating this to an always true friend who was killed. I believe that this is how he lived his life in these beliefs and always with a smile. Never believing that there wasn't a person worth getting to know. In ending I say Rest In Peace Jim Lawton You did well by all who knew you in a never ending wi
Life And Go Forward
Life and Go Forward I wanted to say to all out there That there is a better way Afloat in life to stay So what is it I can do you say And you wonder now This is possible how I know not how a life will end But instead I will tell you how to begin Each day ...start with happiness How to do this you ask So this formula I will give to you at last A ray of the shinning sun to start A full drop of the moon for your heart A blade of grass for fun A spoonful of sand for forever youth A cup of the ocean for life And finally one star for eternal sight This it is that I say to you now Cherish this you must Because it is this that without Your life may become filled with doubt In ending I say fill this order everyday Created January 8, 2010 @ 1:09 Am Written By Adam M. Westwood See More
By: Adam Westwood
Lily Loraine Moellenberndt

      Found out a ton of family stories, One of uncle Jimmy's cousins works as a body guard for Hugh Hefner. Kinda funny he was suposes to go into the secret service, but Hugh asked for him by name due to his scores. Bitter sweet, but it is helping me let go a bit easier to my uncle. I hope Billy does not get out and try and hurt Judy. But Mom is going to go to the service. Which I am glad for she needs it. I can tell you that all of my uncles died badly. Uncle Gary died of Spinal cancer that too him hard and fast. Uncle Freddy let a friend drive his car drunk and they drove off the side of a mountain and now uncle Jimmy. But I can tell you that while they lived they did good things. Gray was in the Navy and served his country from a very young age. Freddy had 2 lovely boys and was a good man at heart. And you know Uncle Jimmy. I would love to hear the stories of him I do not know. And soon I will share the pictures we have with you. Thank you for talking to me. You have been a good person and I am glad that uncle Jimmy had such a great friend in you.

Gracia N. Jones Steve we grieve for him and for all of you, we knew and liked him too. May the Lord send comfort to Judy and all of the family and friends who will miss him very much. Sincerely, Gracia and Ivor Jones

Karoline Huls We will greatly miss Jim's visits, and his love for life, and laughter
Emma Huls all too true and his silly stories that may or may not of been true. :) and his love for everyone

--- On Mon, 7/18/11, Gary Fereday
From: Gary Fereday    Subject: Dear Laughhbon Family
  Date: Monday, July 18, 2011, 7:09 AM

    At this very tender time,
     I want you to know that I really do believe in Jesus Christ and his plan for us and our future. Death is as necessary as water, food and shelter. It is that way such that we can experience our lives completely.  Some deaths are quiet, some are violent. All are necessary. Even the Lord God of this existence suffered it (for our sakes).
    In the case of your dear friend and his untimely passing, he could have gone even sooner, or later, and the effect would have been the same. I share your grief AND DO REMEMBER HIM IN MY BRIEF MEETING WITH HIM. A true American, we should remember all the good that he aspired to. And celebrate that and revere those times. Take the time to write down how important he was in your life. Write it in ink, on good paper and place it in your book of remembrances. That way he'll live forever next to you. LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING HIM IN THE NEAR FUTURE, AS WE WILL THINK OF THIS LIFE AS JUST A MOMENT, IN TIME. There are many reasons for this to be a instance of celebration, as every one of us fights some kind of war inside, to understand our place here. I believe that death allows us to see how we did, and what our status is with our selves and God. The good people who have served their neighbors are relieved of major concern and find peace for themselves and know that they love us, and God.
    So your friend, is actually very happy at this moment. He is at peace, and knows his existence was of value to mankind, sealed with his blood, even as Jesus sealed his plan with his blood. In the name of The Savior, Jesus Christ Amen
     Gary Fereday
    (aka bigugh)

Comments on the Richfield Reaper story.

booride posted at 9:48 am on Thu, Jul 21, 2011.
booride Posts: 1
RIP Jim Lawton. Jim has been a friend of our family for over 40 years. I have such wonderful memories at Green Valley Lake of him. Jim even let me work at his grocery store and eat all the candy i wanted. Jim loved chocolate and every Easter he would show up at my parents house and eat my chocolate easter bunny. Jim is the same age as my dad and were Best Friends. Jim will be missed

mason price posted at 5:54 pm on Wed, Jul 20, 2011.
mason price Posts: 1
JIm Lawton was the most loving man i know. Im his grandson and its terrible that his life had to be taken rather than lived.
&Billy needs to be institutionalized.

Obituaries - Magleby Mortuary Condolence Book.
  James Roland Lawton, 77, passed   away July 17, 2011 near Elsinore.
James Roland Lawton - Condolence Book
Submitted by     Comments:
JUDY AND FAMILY, Jimmy with his wonderful smile and big heart will be greatly missed. He was one of a kind.
Judy, may the love of God surround you and your family during this time of sorrow. You will certainly be in our thoughts and prayers.
With Sympathy,
Isis and all her children and brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters. Added: July 24, 2011   

Submitted by     Comments:
Debbie Leibovitz-english
I will always remember him smiling. He was always happy, as I remember. When I was a kid I remember his dog king that used to ride around on the hood of his car thru green valley. One big thing was to always hide our chocolate Easter bunnies when he came over at Easter time. This was over 40 years ago. I still have great memories of Jim and green valley. R I P Jim Added: July 24, 2011   

Submitted by     Comments:
roy tucker
Address: Edmonds, Wa.
Jim and I have been best friends since 1947 where we lived in north long beach, cal - graduated Jordan Hi School and joined the USCG in 1952 and kept in touch throughout the years - I miss you my friend. Added: July 24, 2011   

Submitted by     Comments:
Stephen Huls
Address: Monroe Ut.
So long for now Jim I shall miss our many evening to late night conversations. We shall miss his humor, his love for our family, the stories he shared about his life and others always with a purpose, a meaning, a moment of teaching. He was like a Grandfather to our children, and a true friend, he always had a smile, and cared for others.
I still feel like any moment you will knock and come in to share your topic of the day.
We shall miss you, and since everyone's been invited to your 100th Birthday in 2034 by you, maybe we shall find a way to do that for you. Blessings to the family and friends of Jim. Added: July 23, 2011 

Submitted by     Comments:
Joe an Shirley leibovitz
Address: golden co
We have known Jim for over 40yrs bought our cabin thru him in green valley knew him when he had store in valley an ran it for few days when he wanted to get away for awhile he was a terrific guy loved life andr loved green valley and they loved him R.I.P Jim you will be missed Added: July 23, 2011  

Submitted by     Comments:
Trudy Greenhalgh
Address: Richfield Utah
With such sadness I write this. I will miss seeing his smiling face. Rest in peace. Added: July 23, 2011 

Submitted by     Comments:
Monte and Char Meacham
Address: Monroe, UT
What a splendid man. I never saw Bro. Lawton when I didn't walk away feeling a little bit happier about life. What an extraordinary ability to be positive, loving, and kind. We are sorry for your loss.
Love, the Meacham's Added: July 21, 2011   

Tsul-Kalu posted at 7:48 pm on Tue, Jul 19, 2011.
Billy Lawton has now been charged with aggravated homicide / murder. As of tonight. Sad for his mother Judy who must not only have the hurt / pain of loosing her Husband Jim in a terrible way, now her son is officially charged with his death. A double pain. To all pray for comfort to Judy & their family at this time. It is needed.

Photo's of Jim Lawton and those he cared about and who cared about him.


Memorial thoughts in videos and other media that remind us of his life.


I know I posted it before, But I think it really was how he was. You do not have to say goodbye because he is not really gone. When your thoughts go to him he is already there. And when we move on, he will be already there to welcome us as well. I can not go to his funeral, but this is for him.
We shall all meet our Savior some day, Jim has just gone before us to prepare the way. The reason why we will all see Jim again, Jim liked this youtube song/video as I shared it during our many conversations. This is one of Jims many friends.

A Tribute to the Artwork of Jon McNaughton - Peace is Coming!

 Jim loved Jon's artworks and the messages of hope and peace they portray, he like watching these videos as well, they brought memories to him of his friends. The story of the soldier mentioned here touched him, as well as many others. This is why I share, as a memory of our times together.
From this youtube there are many others similar of this work of art / media that Jim enjoyed.

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