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NEW!  Exploring The Book of Mormon In Americas Heartland Photographic Book
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wyoming Iron Sword 100 BC to 200 AD Smithsonian Museum dated.

This was in a Issue of Ancient American Archaeology of the Americas Before Columbus magazine. Volume 14, issue 89.

Adding this to the blog as a point of interest, Iron, Bronze,Copper knifes & swords have been found all over North America, this one being in Wyoming is of interest as it is an unusual find. Most are back in the Mid-Western to Eastern America.
The article reads as follows.

"Somewhere in the Mountains of Wyoming, a sheep herder stumbled upon this 24 inch iron sword of unusual workmanship.  The sword was sent to the Smithsonian Museum and they put a date upon it between 100BC and 200 AD, Hopewell timeline. How the test was conducted, we do not know. These photos were supplied by the discoverer and are here for our readers to view, If anyone has any information concerning this artifact, please contact, Ancient American Magazine, 877-494-0044, or use our email address."

So if anyone knows what has happened to this sword, or more about the story behind it contact the information above. Thanks. The link to the magazine is also on the right side of the blog.


  1. Wondering, I have learned that the Chinese visited America before Columbus and traveled the Western Coast of North America down through Central and South American Coast and also explored the inner lands to a point. So they were in Canada, the South Western States area's. So could this sword by its shape and design be Chinese? as the older swords I think were single sided, and some had a Thick back similar to this one. So if anyone who knows about Old Chinese swords feel free to comment on this possible theory.

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  3. Chinese swords have a different shape & form - the one in the picture looks similar to a middle eastern style - strange to find an artifact like that in Wyoming