NEW! Exploring The Book of Mormon In Americas Heartland Photographic Book

NEW!  Exploring The Book of Mormon In Americas Heartland Photographic Book
NEW! Exploring the Book of Mormon In America's Heartland, A Visual Journey of Discovery by Rod L. Meldrum is a gorgeous, large format 200+ page heirloom quality photographic journey into the exciting new "Heartland Model" geography. Click on the Picture above to learn more. Picture Book Cover Click to Order

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Restoring Love - A World Wide Event I invite all to watch

Restoring Love

Restoring Love Dallas Cowboys Stadium - 7.28.12 Coming together to heal a nation - Live coverage available exclusively on GBTV Plus

What? Over the past two years, Glenn has traveled the world promoting messages of faith, freedom, honor and love. This July, Glenn brings the global movement for good home to Dallas, Texas with Restoring Love. This series of events concludes with an epic show LIVE from Dallas Cowboys Stadium, featuring a host of musical performances and an empowering speech by Glenn himself. Join Glenn and countless others as they pledge to build a better America for us all through service and love. Don't miss this historic event! Click to read a special letter from Glenn.
When and Where? Watch all the events LIVE (or on demand), including Saturday's main event on July 28th with coverage beginning at 8:00pm ET, exclusively on GBTV Plus! Click for the full broadcast schedule.
How do I watch if I can't be in Dallas? Live coverage will be available exclusively on GBTV Plus.
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Seth Huls: July 4, 2012Seth has moved on from Freight-liner...

Seth Huls: July 4, 2012

July 4, 2012

Seth has moved on from Freight-liner of Utah after 4 months of working with them. They felt he did not quite fit in with a member of management, thus to his surprise and his co workers they let him go.

Seth is currently looking for a New home to share his skills with and to learn from their years of experiences they can share with him.

He hopes to find another Mechanic's job that will allow him to grow and advance with them while helping the company to the best of his abilities. A company that has a possible long term future.

If you or anyone you know are in need of a good mechanic contact Seth and interview him to see if his skills and personality will fit your style of business.

Thanks for stopping by.

Oldest Map With the Word ‘America’ on it Discovered at Ludwig Maximilian University Library |

Oldest Map With the Word ‘America’ on it Discovered at Ludwig Maximilian University Library |

Oldest Map With the Word ‘America’ on it Discovered in Germany…Between Two Geometry Books!

The discovery of a 500-year-old map in a German university library just a few days ago ended up becoming the oldest — and the first — global sketch to mention the name “America.”
Experts assumed that there were only four copies of German cartographer Martin Waldseemueller’s maps, but the discovery of a fifth at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is a bombshell of sorts. It is believed that Waldseemueller, who died in 1522, produced the map himself.
Oldest Map With the Word America on it Discovered at Ludwig Maximilian University Library
Image Credit: Ludwig Maximilian University
His global drawings hold major significance. One of the four was sold at an auction for $1 million back in 2005, showcasing just how valuable the maps are in terms of historical value and intrigue. According to the university, the other three are in Minneapolis, Offenburg and in the Bavarian State Library in Munich.
The fifth map was discovered by a bibliographer who was working on revising the library’s catalogue. It was apparently “nestled between two printed works on geometry.”
“The new find shows the world divided into 12 segments which taper to a point at each end and are printed on a single sheet, which, when folded out, form a small globe, with the three rightmost segments depicting a boomerang-shaped territory named America,” reports the Telegraph.
Oldest Map With the Word America on it Discovered at Ludwig Maximilian University Library
A globe that was made after the copy of the map segment in the library. (Image Credit: Ludwig Maximilian University)
A web site setup by the university to offer the public a closer look at the map explains, in detail, more about the discovery:
The “new” Munich copy of the segmented map itself has obviously followed a tortuous course to reach its present haven. And the story of this voyage is at least as fascinating as that of the discovery and exploration of the New World. Its latest chapter began only a few days ago in the Munich University Library. [...] The 19th-century librarians, at any rate, had failed to recognize the significance of Waldseemüller’s map…The first copy of the segmental maps to be discovered only turned up in 1871, in the Hauslab-Liechtenstein Library in Vienna. “And the Munich copy was returned to the obscurity of the stacks.”
But it survived the Second World War unscathed, although the University Library itself was devastated by air raids. In November 1942, large portions of the holdings of older books, including the unassuming volume containing the two geometry treatises, had been transferred to a safer rural location. Stefan Kuttner has ascertained that the book was among the contents of deposit box No. 340, which was first stowed away in Burghausen, and later transported to Niederviehbach near Landshut. The box was returned to Munich in 1955, and provisionally stored in the Northeastern Repository at LMU.
You can read the rest of the history here and check out some of the images and interactives the university created for the general public to view.
(H/T: The Telegraph via Business Insider)