NEW! Exploring The Book of Mormon In Americas Heartland Photographic Book

NEW!  Exploring The Book of Mormon In Americas Heartland Photographic Book
NEW! Exploring the Book of Mormon In America's Heartland, A Visual Journey of Discovery by Rod L. Meldrum is a gorgeous, large format 200+ page heirloom quality photographic journey into the exciting new "Heartland Model" geography. Click on the Picture above to learn more. Picture Book Cover Click to Order

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Seeking the bare minimum

Ending this attempt in crowd funding, with -0- earned... will figure out how to do it on my own, thus not wasting anymore time on these crowd funder sites. have deleted the funding account. 

If in the future anyone feels like helping with this project, by donations based upon the below idea, contact me.

sample copy of the book from printer

I am trying another crowd funding service in order to get the new basic funds needed to get this project started. With the new publishing services etc. the bare minimum is $1,000

I believe in Capitalism, those who have it making it available to those who are need more to get their own dreams to become a reality.
Then once success has happened it allows the new successful people to turn around and pass along their capital to the next dreamers and assist them in funding and the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

I am not looking for a hand out, but a hand up. And willing to barter / trade what I am able to at this time.

The link has more about that:

Twin Lakes Book 1 PHG series

Author seeking help,

I am working to raise minimal funds to publish this book. The only thing standing in the way at this time is funds. It has taken a long time to get this far, and have been saving what few dollars per pay check along the way to help.

Those who can donate $10.00 will get a free E-Book.
Those who can donate $25.00 will get a free Printed book sent to you. Signed.
Those who can donate $50.00 will have a signed copy of the printed book and e-book sent to you.

Those who donate $5.00 or more will have the option if you want to be placed on a thank you page in both versions of the book for making this 1st book of the Pure Heart Guide series possible to share with the world.

This is all I am able to do as far as thank you's in helping this process along as I am limited in resources.

My career job of 24+yrs is as a Drywall Finisher. I have a wonderful wife and 5 children and our 1st grandson.

Through normal life's trials, 2 children surviving cancers, and other drama we finally are to this stage. (If I told you the last 24yrs experiences no one would believe it, I find many have such interesting lives.)

So someone suggested this program.
I prefer to do things on my own and being as self reliant as I can. But the publishing world is hard to break into. So after years of research I have chosen a self publisher who is successful with E-Books, Printed, and now offers print on demand. The asking goal is to cover those fee's and some advertising.

The book is what it is, I have the history and samples from it on Face Book,  
This one is set up for this project and links to a website where the fuller story of this adventure is below.

Official Web "Pure Heart Guide" Book Series.

I have been told by the pre publishing readers its a good story, and unique.That was the goal.
There will be 5 books in the Pure Heart Guide series.
Book One "Twin Lakes" is done, cover art as well.
With these funds I will have some help adjusting some things with the covers and then publish it.

About the book:

Pure Heart Guide is a book series that starts in the Beaver Utah area, a family goes on a reunion to remote twin lakes. The kids find a door & cave, several disappear a search begins and then strange and dangerous things take place leading the rescue party into mysterious underground places. Intrigue, betrayals, faith and how the family and friends deal with the trials before them, an old friend assists in the search as a guide for where they are going he has been before.
Choices must be made for good or bad and with each choice made the ripple effects will change how the world and humanity looks at themselves and others they did not know existed, until now.
This is an adventure filled with twists and turns, and faith, prayer, mystery, discovery. Epic fight between the 2 forces of eternity, Good vs. Evil, Light vs Darkness, who will win in the end and how will it effect your life?

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