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NEW!  Exploring The Book of Mormon In Americas Heartland Photographic Book
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Book excerpt Book 1 Twin Lakes Reunion, Part of Chapter 8, Pure Heart Guide 5 Book Series

Book Excerpt (Teaser)
Part of Chapter 8,
Book 1 “Twin Lakes Reunion”

Pure Heart Guide Book Series.

"Is there progress with the new subject yet?" Sosaeen Garsar the second leader of the science group of level seven, Asked.

"Little, we have not been able to proceed as quickly as with past subjects of this same age group, It is unusual as his spirit seems quite strong for one so young," Answered lab tech. Elasseear Garsar.

"What seems to be the difficulty, is the youngling too much for your limited processing capability? You were informed that I need this one's essence; it feels strong and would be of much worth to me. I do not want your pitiful excuses this time, just do as you’re told."

"We are doing our best, we must get around his mental walls, It is taking longer with this one, for as you have said it is stronger than most of the subjects brought to us." Replied Elasseear bowing his head ever so slightly, to show respect but yet not allowing himself to be totally exposed to the potential physical retaliation, Leader Sosaeen did have a reputation for this when he was displeased.

"I shall expect it soon, if not then you will be replaced by one who can be of better service, and you may be sent to the Tessa's for retraining." Sosaeen glared at this lab tech. Elasseear, he was capable but he had no patience, nor tolerance for weak excuses for not producing quick results.Weak links had to be removed for the Garsar to keep strong.

"It shall be done." He waited for 2nd Leader Sosaeen Garsar to leave the room before exhaling a low hiss of irritation, the last thing I would want would to be demoted to such a low existence as to be with the Tessa.

Turning to his assistance he said in a guttural growling hiss, "If we fail 2nd leader Sosaeen I will not be the only one punished, I shall take you all with me do you understand!"

The others in the room all nodded and as a group bowed slightly and said, " Tech Leader Elasseear we shall not fail you or ourselves, let us see why this youngling is being so difficult, there is an easy answer, it just eludes us at the moment." said Lassoos.

They all turned to look into the room they had the human boy in, he was strapped to the table and still unconscious, those human soldiers were idiots, as they had used way too much stun force on this little one.

"Let’s stimulate his brain to awaken him and in doing so that may help expedite the harvesting process." Elasseear said to his team.

"Lassoos awaken this one then, and allow a member of team 4 into the room to monitor the boy as he awakes for he shall then see one of his own kind and not be so confused, as a calmer mind is easier for the harvesting process." Elasseear told his assistant.

Lassoos wasted no time, he left the room walked across to the room where science team 4 was. He opened the door and announced.

"I need one of you to assist with a subject, to monitor him as we awaken him." Lassoos looked down on the smaller humans, even though they were weak and physically revolting creatures some did have strong minds for science and things that were of use to the collective, at least for the moment. He turned and walked back out the door not waiting for a response, and stood in the hall awaiting his helper.

The members of science team 4 looked at each other in agreement.

"Well looks like it’s your turn George, the rest of us have other things to do, you know the procedures so just follow your orders and the rules of contact and you will do well. And remember do not address them unless they first speak to you." Science Team Leader Dr. Stanton said.

Even after all the years of working with the Nemekans he still thought they were an arrogant bunch of creatures, however they had much in the ways of science to share with us and the end results is what counted not what one does to get there.

"Yes sir, on my way." George a 3rd class tech said as he left the room to follow the Nemekans.

As soon as the human helper came out or their room Lassoos entered the room holding the subject without a word. The human just followed, like the sheep they were.

"You must watch the subject as we awaken him in order to start the harvesting process; you are to help him remain calm until it is over.This one is unusual; it has taken more effort than normal. Do you understand?" He told the helper.

"Yes I understand, proceed I am ready to assist." George replied.

Why is it these Nemekans had to drain the life force from these kids he did not fully understand, but orders where orders and it was not his business what they did with it, although he wondered at times. He went over to the table where the subject was bound and awaited his assignment as he looked down upon the helpless young boy.

The first thing Levi felt was a throbbing head ache, like when the mule kicked him in the head a few years ago. He slowly opened his eyes and the bright lights made them ache even worse. So he closed them then slowly blinked several times holding them half closed in order to ease the discomfort.He realized that he could not move, his arms, legs, and chest where all strapped down somehow, His head was also strapped to where he could not turn it, and it felt like he was on a cold metal table.

He started to panic, and fear began to engulf his senses like a tidal wave, what was going on, where was he, and why was he tied down? Where is Sariah?

He tried to scream but his throat was too dry and only a small croak came out and that hurt with the attempt.

"Anyone there?" he asked in a panicked dry voice.

"I am here." George answered as he moved over the boy so he could see him.

"Where am I?" He asked.

"You’re in the Hospital?" He replied.

"What happened to me, where's my sister, and why am I tied down?"

"You are in the specialized trauma room for traffic accident victims, you were in a terrible car wreck and you’re not to move that is why we used straps, we fear you may have some severe spinal cord damage. So do not move. As for your sister, I do not know about her as I am only assigned to you."

George answered, glowing within himself at how easy it was to create such a realistic story, how easily it was to fool this little boy.

"A Car Wreck? I don't remember being in a car, we were exploring a cave and then there was a light and well, then I woke up here." Levi said confused.

"Temporary amnesia is common when one has been in such a terrific accident, and you should feel lucky as you are the only one in the car to have survived the wreck. You have been in a comma for two weeks now, it may be difficult for you to understand right now I know, but we will help you in time to regain some of your memories." George was actually enjoying this game of setting the subject at ease before his essence would be taken. How simple it was to manipulate this type of person. Besides it helped break up the boredom of working down here.

"I was Not in a car wreck, where is my sister, and who are you and what are you really doing, I feel just fine, except that my head really hurts." Levi said, and he was starting to get scared again, this guy did not seem like any doctor or nurse he ever met before.And the room did not resemble any hospital ER or clinic room for that matter he had ever seen before. He knew he needed a drink because his throat was really hurting now with all this talking.

"Hey can I get a drink by throat really hurts?"

"Sure hold on a moment and I will be right back" He said as he walked to the other side of the room where he picked up a bottle of water off of the table, then he brought it back and held it to the boys lips so he could get a drink.

Slowly Levi drank a little at a time until he felt he had drunk enough water, it was nice and cool on his throat and it felt much better.

'Thanks, now tell me again what is going on, and where is my sister?" He asked again.

Why this little snot was just playing him for a drink, George thought.

"I do not know of any sister, your alone, everyone like I told you already, who was with you died in the car wreck." George said as he slowly walked around the table studying the boy.

"You see denial is normal in situations like yours, however you need to realize your family is all gone, and now you need to focus on yourself to recover."

"No! I remember exploring a cave, I remember that."

"That is normal, you see you remember a cave, your mind created this illusion to protect you in your comma state, now you have left the cave as you’re getting better, and your mind realizes this and has allowed you to re-awaken once more."

"I just don't get it; it does not make any sense."

Meanwhile in the adjoining room we find the Nemekans preparing once again to harvest the boy’s essence. Elasseear looked at Lassoos and snarled the command.

"Lower the cranial cap once again, and let us not have any errors this time, the subject seem calm and alert enough."

"It shall be done as you wish." Lassoos replied as he used the controls at his station to begin the harvesting procedure one more.He watched as the cranial cap was lowered towards the subjects head again, fully confident that it would work this time.

Levi noticed something being lowered from above towards his head, it was coming and would hit him soon and there was no way he could avoid it.

"Hey what's that thing for? You better stop it before it hits me."

"Don't worry, it is only a type of MRI scan, it will not hurt you it will come down gently just above your head and scan you close but without touching. We have to see why you have been in a comma so long, and if there are any other side effects now since you’re awake." George told the boy.

Sound like this guy is sticking to his story, well I really don't remember any car wreck, we were in the cave, but something happened now I am here, he wondered what was going on, this does not feel right at all.

As the device lowered and came closer to his head it lit up with a greenish blue glow, and with a kind of a sparkle in the center of it. This did not feel right at all, and he remembered seeing scans before and this was no MRI that he knew for sure.

"Hey can you stop and wait for my parents to come, I want to see my parents, they should be around here in the waiting room, so go get them." Levi asked.

"Remember when I told you everyone with you in the car died; your parents were also killed in the accident. I am sorry we have not been able to locate any next of kin at this time.We need to do this exam to be able to treat you so we can get you healthy faster." George was almost gloating with how simple it was to twist and keep the subject occupied, it would only be a few moments longer and his job would be done, and the Nemekans would have their little essence from this one and he could go finish his own projects.

Levi just laid there what else could he do, he knew this guy was full of lies, he knew there was no car wreck, and he was lying to him but why? What was this all about? Now he started getting really afraid as the light thing came closer and was almost close enough to touch now.

He remembered what he had learned in Sunday school about prayer when you’re in a bad situation, and he figured this could be one of those situations. The only thing he could do was pray, and asks Jesus Christ to help him. So he began to pray silently in his mind, the closer the light came the harder he prayed, he felt really strange and knew he was in trouble, so he prayed with his whole heart and soul, he asked Jesus for protection, and for someone to help him, and to get him out of this place.

As he was praying he felt a deep warmth begin to fill his whole being he had felt the spirit before but nothing like this, this was really intense, it seemed to fill his whole body, and his fear subsided as he remembered how to calm his spirit as his dad had taught him.

As the device finally came into place the countenance of the subject changed, the monitors showed a different growth and change in the essence, it now filled the spectrum with unusual colors that led to a brilliant light then the monitor went blank.

In astonishment, Lassoos turned slowly to look at Elasseear.

"Tech Leader Elasseear, I am no longer reading the essence of the subject, something has gone wrong with our equipment, and it seems to have malfunctioned."

"What? That is not possible, what is the matter? What has happened?" Elasseear spoke.

"I am not fully aware of what has taken place, I have not witnessed such an event before, as the cranial cap came into place and we began energizing it for the harvesting process, there seemed to have been a power surge of energy from the subject and this enveloped and over powered the device now making it useless, it seems to be broken." Lassoos replied.

George stood above the boy, and he realized the boy was mumbling incoherently then he noticed that the device was no longer working. The lights that usually emanated from it were gone as if it had been turned off. What were these idiot Nemekans doing now, he had better things to do than sit here all day dealing with their problems wasting his time.

Elasseear thought a moment, Sosaeen had said this was an unusually strong subject and that would explain the possibility of what had just occurred.It was rare, very rare indeed for such a thing as this to happen, and yet it did happen.

"Tech Lassoos, do a complete check on all your equipment, I want a full diagnostic. I think I may have a reason why this has taken place, while you do this I will speak with 2nd Leader Sosaeen on this event."

"It shall be done my leader Elasseear, what of the human helper shall we send him back to his hole?"

"Tell him to leave and return to his duties, do not allow the subject to see our kind, yet. Is that understood, we may need to address this subject by other means, it is very unusual this one, the judgment of 2nd Leader Sosaeen will be known before we proceed further understood!" Elasseear hissed with firmness.

"As you command" Lassoos said, then he watched as Tech Leader Elasseear turned to leave the room. Then Lassoos keyed the intercom to the room.

"Tech your work is done for now, you may return to your duties."

George heard the intercom squawk the command to leave, so he did just that, he turned to leave the room.

"Hey, where are you going? You just can't leave me here?" Levi all but yelled at the guy who was walking out the door.

"Don't worry, you’re in good hands, they will come and take care of you soon. That I promise so don't worry alright." George replied, with a smirk on his face as he shut the door to the room. Thinking that boy has no idea what’s in store for him, Oh Well! not any of his business, finally he could get back to his own list of duties he had to finish.

Levi heard the door close, then all was quiet, he noticed the lights from the scanner thing above his head had turned off, so they must be done doing whatever they did with it then.He still felt a nice warm glow all over his body. He had a feeling all would be ok in the future. Almost like he heard a distant voice, a calm soft voice say, "All is well we are here to help you, you will be fine, be at peace for we are with you little brother." He started feeling sleepy and slowly felt himself drift off into a soft warm place of a dream world.
This is one of the box's found in an old cave above Beaver, Utah, USA, inside were old things some unusual, one is named "Lev Antas Shuesa" or Pure Heart Guide, It lights up when in use by one who knows how to use it.


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