NEW! Exploring The Book of Mormon In Americas Heartland Photographic Book

NEW!  Exploring The Book of Mormon In Americas Heartland Photographic Book
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lazeria Map Collection: Is the Earth Hollow? Interesting theory?

Due to the many stories and myths about the lost history or hidden facts about an unknown land to the North of North America and the other nations of the Northern hemisphere.
I add this as food for thought, as these people walk us through some facts of ancient to modern maps and map makers it is a very intriguing theory based upon what they have to share.

I say if your mind is open and creative it is a fun journey in the listening / watching of this video.
Then you have to opportunity to verify for one's self what they share.

Much is known, much is unknown about our planet Earth, I do know that through out the ages, those who rule make the history to be passed on, so things can be lost, and found.

Since the blog is for Hidden or lost information, then I shall add this, as Some Native American's do speak of emerging from the inner earth or under world, some speak of races they had interactions with as well. The Vikings of Greenland speak of a lost city where one of their own disappeared to the lands of the north long ago, and the Inuit speak of watching them walk northward.

Many things still left to find in the puzzle known as the history and doings of life on Earth.
Let us all enjoy our journey of discovery, may we always keep and open mind, for that which today we may call fact of science, just a few years in the future will be scoffed at with us being the silly people as they find new evidences for the science that will be known then verses now.

Good journey.

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