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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tribes Evolved from Norse Christian Lenape

LENAPE Epic: Tribes Evolved from Norse Christian Lenape

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tribes Evolved from Norse Christian Lenape

The tribes that may have evolved from the Norse Christian Lenape migration.

The map above depicts some of the tribes that may have evolved or had been in significant inter marital relationships with the Norse Christian Lenape. Other major tribes may have had similar values. There are many sub tribes that are not shown.

In 1700, the Norse Christian Lenape living in the areas shown as Christinaux and Asslenipolls occupied a land area about 15 times the land area occupied by the English. Under normal circumstances the area of the Norse Christian Lenape descendants should still be much larger than the area, where the English colonies settled.

The circumstances in 1700 were not normal. The Norse Christian Lenape were adhering to their understanding of Christ's ethics. They were welling to share nature’s bounty with their neighbors. The 300 English men in full armor, who invaded expecting warfare, were known as Christians "only by name" as Sir Thomas Dale, their commander, wrote in 1611. Ten years later similar armored English men were still invading the Norse Christian Lenape villages to steal corn, kill, capture, and burn.

The English invaders carried germs, guns and steel. The guns were the latest flintlock rifles. The steel included full suits of armor capable of deflecting arrows. The English believed in taking and holding land by the "rights of conquest."

All tribal names that have the "len" (or "lin") syllable are considered to be Norse Christian Lenape, because the syllable means, "pure" as in "baptized to be pure." The names Asslenipolls, Ilinois, and "Inuit" evolved from the Norse Christian Lenape.

This map provides a framework for closer study of the relationship between the American tribes and the Norse Christian Lenape, who walked away from Greenland.

The Christinaux were, and still are, Christians.

The Blackfeet values included selflessness, courage, and a belief that adultery was a serious sin. The Norse Christian Lenape, who understood the Ten Commandments, shared all these values.

The Asslenipolls, (our father of light) had beliefs similar to those found in John's gospel, where Jesus said, "I am the light of the world." Many of the tribes shown still call the sun "Jesus."

The Cheyenne had a legal system similar to the legal system of the Norse on Iceland.

The first French men into the Illinois River valley recorded that the Illini lived on the "River of the Devine."

The Mohicans retained a version of the Ten Commandments.

The people who replaced them remember the Lenape, most of who were driven out of the area surrounding New Jersey, with fondness. The Boy Scouts created the Order of the Arrow in recognition of the Leni Lenape, who serve as a moral example to guide young men.

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